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Lost Generation

Lost Generation is a punk band my cousin Tom Schmidlin and I started 30 years ago. Like we say "Punk isn't's just old, tired and usually drunk. We brought in 2 young guys to keep us alive, my son Josh and Ryan Holdsworth.

The Gods of Rock

The Gods of Rock is a movie Mike Palermo and I wote and man it was a lot of fun to do. We recorded 2 albums, shot some of the movie in Hollywood, appeared on Playboy radio and a host of other adventures. Tommy Vendromin and Kevin Marino also starred in the movie. Good Times.

The Eh Oh's

The Eh Oh's was another fun project. We recorded 2 albums and shot a pilot for a childrens TV show. We have an honorable mention in a book about bullying with one of our songs "Dont Bully Me" . The book is Bullies and Mean Girls in Popular Culture.

It's All About You

It's All About You is a book I wrote a number of years ago while performing Hypnosis Show. It is a book that encourages you to be yourself and shoot for the stars.

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Life is an Adventure

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